10 Golden Nuggets from the Getaway Travel Bloggers Conference

Last Saturday the 2nd Getaway Travel Bloggers Conference  was organised by Getaway Magazine in conjunction with Cape Town Tourism, held at the Upper East Side Hotel in Woodstock, Cape Town.

Upper East Side Hotel, Cape Town

What a full day of learning. This is my first post on the event. Here are my golden nuggets:

1. Be an entrepreneur; a travel blogger needs to develop a skills set that ranges from writing to photography and from marketing to techno-stuff. You’re not just a writer. You need to be professional and outgoing.

2. Find your personality; make sure your blog reflects who you are and what you enjoy. This is the main reason why people follow you. Don’t write a wikipedia. Be authentic and real. If people want a guide book, they’ll buy one.

3. Develop your skills through writing guest posts, take a writing course, follow influencers, engage, share and show. Remember, it takes about 10.000 hours to practice before you master a skill.

4. ‘Glocal exposure’ -> Global & Local exposure; bloggers show instant and longterm value, locally as well as globally. You can write a blogpost in 2 years time about an activity you did today. You can tweet & share in realtime.

5. Don’t create & analyse at the same time. Loose yourself in the picture. Translate feelings into impressions. This is going to be a major learning point for me…

6. Make social buttons on your web site usable. HELLO!! People are lazy in general. Make it easy to share content or else they won’t.

7. BROI – Bloggers Return on Investment. I look forward to learn more about this and what formula should be applied. These guys @velvetescape and @traveldudes are on to something..That’s for sure!

8. Quote of the day by @mikesharman: ‘Social media is like a braai on steriods’.

9. Ask for what you want. P.e: Press ‘like’ if you agree. ANYONE can implement this..

10. Connect wisely, create an inner circle of about 120 influencers, people you want to follow and who will be likely to share your content and updates.

During the conference #GTBC was used for Tweets so check out the stream if you like to read up on it. I’m sure many more blogposts will be created.

Thanks to all the speaker for sharing your knowledge and passion with us and for Getaway and Cape Town Tourism for making this day possible. Let’s stay connected and share our passion for travel, writing, Cape Town, South Africa and the WORLD!!

@velvetescape @traveldudes @landlopers @wildjunket @sarahduff @daveduarte @SkyGrove @marriettedTH @justcam @guy_with_camera @william_price @josephclawrence @mikesharman @jaxlahoud @daveduarte and many many many more!!

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  1. MzansiGirl August 6, 2012 at 4:06 pm #

    What an awesome conference! Thanks for the nuggets. Got a few posts I want to write, but just not enough hours in the day. Blogging is hard work.

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