10 reasons for having a conference at the Upper Eastside Hotel in Cape Town

When I had signed up for the Getaway Travel Bloggers Conference, I decided quite quickly that I was going to be a player and not just a spectator. I approached the venue, the Upper Eastside Hotel, with a value exchange: I tweet and blog about the day and the event and in exchange you give me a bedroom so that I can have a proper after-party and just roll into bed. I was happy to receive a positive e-mail response from the manager and there you go: a win-win situation created for all.

King Bed, Upper East Side Hotel

Here are my top 10 reasons why this is a super cool place:

  1. On my confirmation it said: Loft Suite King. They had upgraded me already! Wow!! I hate staying in ‘standard’ rooms. I don’t understand why hotels have them. Shouldn’t each room be a suite, a loft, extraordinary and special? Just like each guest is a VIP.
  2. Delicious breakfast snacks upon arrival: chocolate muffins, fresh fruit sosaties and large amounts of coffee and tea.
  3. The spaciousness of everything (conference rooms, lobby area, suite, shower); it’s all very well laid out. I LOVE the rooftop herb garden!
  4. No technical hick-ups during conference other than a passionate speaker throwing his microphone off because of his enthusiastic gestures. I can’t begin to tell you the amount of events I’ve attended where the audio-visual equipment was far from ‘state-of-the-art’….
  5. Serving potato chips for lunch just like my Mom used to make them. The only thing missing was the mayonnaise (hm ya I’m Dutch so mayonnaise is a BIG thing).
  6. The bed. I slept like a rose.
  7. Hairdryer and mirror in the right place. YES!
  8. The most delicious sticky pork dish.  I did have to wait 45 minutes to get it but it was worth it and in de meantime Keith shared a pasta dish with me so I was well taken care of.
  9. Super friendly, helpful and professional staff everywhere.
  10. Old fashioned turndown service with chocolates, slippers and a bathrobe. Love it!
Bar, Upper East Side Hotel

Bar, Upper East Side Hotel

There was one strange thing. When I walked into the shower, there was only 1 dispenser which said: ‘Body lotion’. Hmmm, it would be a bit difficult to wash my hair with that right? Not washing my hair was not really an option; it goes with the rituals of getting over a hangover (loooong shower, lotsa water, BIG breakfast). So what to do? I checked the other amenities, but no shampoo. I certainly didn’t feel like calling reception and bring me some. But then my blond brains cells started to work and thought: Maybe it’s just the wrong bottle, maybe there IS shampoo inside? So I just tried and that was exactly the case. At least, I think it was, it felt and smelt like shampoo so I was sorted. Phew! If someone reads this, maybe you wanna check 505 and change the bottle in the shower?

Lobby, Upper East Side Hotel

My stay was finished off with a delicious breakfast of omelette, fresh fruit and coffee and a nice catch up chat with @mzansigirl. Time to go home now!

Big thank you to all the staff of the Upper East Side Hotel for letting me stay. I had a great day & night and enjoyed every second of it. You’re doing an awesome job in a beautiful space.

Thank you for Cape Town Tourism for making the day possible!

The photos in this post were provided by the hotel. The crappy pictures I took with my Blackberry really wouldn’t do justice to the colourful venue.

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