A 6 course food affair, vegan NOGAL!

When my friends asked me last month if I wanted to join a Vegan Supper Club, I thought, hm, mwah, think I will give this one a miss.. I do love my fish and meat. Then THIS month, when they asked me again and told me that it would be at the Chef’s Table of the Mount Nelson Hotel, I couldn’t get my hands on a spot fast enough. Wow! This is one of my bucket list items!! I had considered it for my 40th birthday in April but it would have been a bit too decadent to take all my girlfriends along so I’d ditched the idea. It was great to make this dream become reality not even 3 months later.

The event is organized each month by Laura  Cooke (aka @veggiebuntch) so start following her if you’d like to be informed on future events or check her web site here . The venues seem to be always quite upmarket. There’s only space for 10 – 12 guests which allows to be seated all on 1 big table and encourages great conversation and an intimate super special experience. I really enjoyed myself every single minute of it and I don’t think I was able to hide my excitement!

We first gathered at the Planet Bar where we were welcomed with Bubbly of Genevieve and 3 types of Canapés. Once we had all arrived we were taken to the kitchen and were given a present, a lovely apron from the Mount Nelson. Ah, we LOVE presents!! The entire team was super nice and really made sure that we had the perfect evening. Passionate, down-to-earth-people with an incredible love for food and wine. Stunning! Each course was introduced by a chef who came to the table and told us about all the ingredients and how it was prepared. I was most impressed by the sommelier. He talked so fast and clearly wanted to share with us so much, it seemed as if it didn’t fit into his ‘time slots’. He talked about his learning curve with regards to vegan wines of which he had no clue until Laura (aka @veggiebuntch) made him aware of it. It took him on a 3 month research journey and he had the most amazing finds. Vegan wines might sound funny to you because, of course, wines are made from grapes, right? Yes BUT the defining factor is the filtering part of the wine-making process. This is when animal-derived agents such as egg white; casein, a milk protein; gelatin, from animal bones and sinews; are added, during a ‘settling’ process, and then later removed. The filtering process of a vegan wine can’t include any of such ingredients so the solution to this is to use a certain type of clay. Interesting hey? I was totally fascinated. Besides the Genevieve Blanc de Blanc Brut 2012 we enjoyed a Boschendal Chardonnay Pinot Noir 2011 with the first 4 (!!) courses and a First Sighting Pinot Noir 2009 with the last 2 courses. Find below pictures of this major food feast. It was so colorful and delicious. I will just call it happy food from now on. It creates happy, healthy people and happy memories. Excellent evening! Thanks to all who made it possible. It was just the way we like it, extraordinary!

Canapes, very professionally photographed by MOI, handbag and all…


All ears about vegan wine.


Mushroom Terrine, lemon & thyme marinated portabella mushroom


oh, our next course sounds delish. Bring it on!


Beetroot ravioli orange, fennel, grapefruit dressing


Roasted butternut tortellini young spinach, pickled butternut, toasted pumpkin seeds


All the great chefs of The Mount Nelson have a plate on the wall..


Jerusalem artichoke risotto, roasted, pickled & crisp


Brinjal parcel, nut and seed cous cous, quinoa, pea salad


Chef’s Table @ The Mount Nelson Hotel


Chocolate & Pear, toasted Macademia..


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