A day in Cape Town with no electricity, no car

Not sure if this makes an interesting subject for a blog but hey, that’s up for you to decide.

Today my building is without electricity because of maintenance. My car is in repairs as well. So this morning, after dropping off my car at the garage I first went to Café Neo in Mouille Point. They’ve wireless internet for free and a great long table where often people sit and work. The view is also nice because you can see the sea. There I ran into Ally from Inspirational Places, always nice to run into a colleague from the industry. I’d heard on the radio that the Cape Town City Tourism is in a crisis and wanted to read the article in the Cape Times. Nothing new really: too many rooms available in the city after the World Cup 2010 and not enough people coming to visit. Before the World Cup 13 new hotels were build so now there’s an over-supply of bedrooms in Cape Town. I would say to all the tourists: this is GREAT news because this is the time to come and visit this AWESOME part of the world and you’ll be able to get a very good deal. Many properties are offering: stay 3 nights, pay for 2 so DO take advantage of those offers. If you need assistance, I’m here to help.

After the newspaper I wanted to do some work on my web site. I’m in the process of adding all kinds of stuff to the web site so that it can offer more info and content to visitors. I wanted to add some tours but unfortunately the internet at Neo was a bit too slow to work in WordPress. Hm, what to do next? I still needed to finish an itinerary for clients coming in August so let’s do that rather. They’re going to make a wonderful trip that includes: Cape Town, Grootbos, Montagu, Inverdoorn and the flowers of Namaqualand as well. I’m always a bit jealous when design a fantastic itinerary but then I can’t go myself, J. Once that was finished I wanted to find out about all kinds of networking possibilities in Cape Town. There are so many business and social networks and I just wonder if there’s an overview somewhere on the web. I found 1 web site, http://socialnetwork.meetup.com that gave an overview AND where you can also add your own networking event on it. I think it’s a great tool and more people should use it. But then there are SO much more: 27dinner for tech and social media stuff, girl geek dinner for girl geeks, Cape Town Bloggers evening, Business Matters, Ubuntu Breakfast, XING, Extraordinary Women, Silicon Cape etc. I think it would be really great to have an online platform where all those networks can market themselves and where people find out about the next networking possibility, either social or business wise. What do you think?

Ok, lunch time. I ordered pita bread with roasted beef, Emmenthal cheese and caramelized onion dip. It was so-so. WAY to much dip so I had to scrape it off. The roasted beef was not freshly roasted. Will not rush back to have that one…

Time to change my spot. I was about to phone a taxi when I thought: Hang on a second, I would walk this kind of distance if I would still live in Holland, let’s walk. So I walked from Café Neo straight through the new Green Point Park to Main Road in Green Point and then to the Cape Quarters where I’m now writing this story at Origin Coffee. Here I was to meet another friend, Jacqui, who is on a trip around the world with her daughter Sam. I had enough coffee so I just ordered a lovely put of Orange-Berry Tea. I love the way the tea is served in a beautiful pot with a little thingie to keep the tea warm (sorry don’t know the English word….)

And now I miss my house. I think I’ll just go back and see if electricity is perhaps back on again and I can upload this story…

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2 Responses to A day in Cape Town with no electricity, no car

  1. Dee December 2, 2011 at 8:53 am #

    You have a great outlook on life Jessy, I love it!!!. I find I do not have to look very far for something to do, in Cape Town it is so easy , even when the power is out !. I have retired.. but not from life yet 🙂 . I try to turn everyday into an adventure it is so easy to do here! In recent years I have had the opportunity to travel a bit and love it . But I think the most exciting times have been spent right here discovering Cape Town. The only thing I am not fond of is the South Easter wind, but we have learnt to co-exist to some extent , after all he is a doctor so not all bad 😀

  2. Jessy December 12, 2011 at 2:49 pm #

    Hi Dee, thanks for your email. I think you have a great outlook on life yourself as well 🙂 . Cape Town has to offer SO much, no need to get bored. Enjoy the holiday season!

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