A perfect w-end in Johannesburg

Last week Saturday morning (actually it was 25 Feb, bit late with this post..again) I was on the early 1time flight to Johannesburg. I was so excited of going although I always miss Cape Town terribly. I’d done my little ritual of saying goodbye to Cape Town the evening before by having a Sundowner with a good friend, overlooking the beautiful ocean. Ok, now I was ready to go.

I have quite a few friends in Jo’burg so it’s nice to visit once in a while and catch up with them. This time my friend was also very exciting of showing me all the hotspots in Jo’burg Downtown. Julia fetched me from the airport and after dropping off my way-to-heavy suitcase (what was I thinking???) at her beautiful house in Houghton we headed to 70 Juta Road, the Jo’burg Design Hub, in Braamfontein. We drove via the scenic Munro Drive with stunning views over the city and amazing houses. Jules thought it might be quite busy at Juta Rd but we were lucky finding parking right in front of all the action. Jeez, jo’burg city centre is getting a serious make-over and it really is becoming a very nice place to hang out for breakfast, lunch, art galleries, quirky designer shops, fashion and watching people. I loved it.

We checked out the neighbor goods market as well and of course it reminded me of the one in Cape Town. It was already lunch time so the place was packed with people enjoying all the good food. We decided we didn’t want to queue for our food and went to the 44 Stanley, Milpark, 1 of Jo’burgs best kept secrets (and I was there, just so you know!!). What a lovely place! We had lunch at a stunning place called Il Giardino and sat outside between the olive trees. I choose a fantastic Italian Burger with delicious Pesto and Jules had a variety of Bruscheta, just as delish. Not sure what they did with the tomatoes but they tasted absolutely divine.

There were some other eateries too and Jules told me that the place is packed on days when there’s jazz playing. Certainly will check it out next time.

After the lunch we made a stop at Rosebank Mall. It started to rain so we ran to a GREAT coffee place called…Motherland, I think..….Waiting for the rain…Did you know that Johannesburg has more annual rain than London? It just comes down in tropical rains for about 1 hr a day in summertime. So it beautifully cools down everything.

The evening we spend on Jules’ veranda with Thai Curry from veggies straight out of the garden. How wonderful! Can’t imagine a better meal.

We had a slow start on Sunday and decided to go to Arts on Main, apparently another lovely spot to browse, eat and watch people. And it was. I bought some delicious Brandy Pate for Jules’ Dad’s birthday. I also saw some incredibly beautiful Christian Dior Vintage Sunglasses. OMW!!! And they just fitted me so beautifully… After trying them about a dozen times I unfortunately had to decide that this was not the time to spend so much money on sunglasses so I didn’t buy them.

Arts on Main has a lovely eatery called Canteen. Here I decided to choose the Tapas platter with Humus, Parma Ham, Salami, Olives, etc. a nice lunch platter. After lunch we went for a little stroll down the road and found some more awesome places. We checked out the rooftop party at an art hotel, what an AWESOME place to hang out on a Sunday afternoon, great party going up there! And we found another jazz café. Wow!!

What an awesome weekend in Johannesburg!

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