After Hong Kong, back home in Houtbay, Cape Town

Big Buddha on Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Big Buddha on Lantau Island, Hong Kong

It’s only 9 days that I was writing my last blog. SO many things happened since the 9th of August.



First of all, the wealth dynamics experience was absolutely mind blowing. I didn’t expect anything less. For those of you who would like to learn more about Wealth Dynamics, you can do a test and find out a more productive way of living & working: During the Wealth Dynamics Weekend we learned about wealth creation, choosing your path and finding your flow. The most interesting people were there and all with a positive outlook on life and wanting to make a change. Here are a few inspiring ideas: turning deserts into forests & empowering 1.000.000 South Africans to donate 1 hour of their time to make a positive change in their community.

My purpose became also a bit clearer: being a catalyst for positive change and improving quality of life in the tourism industry. At the moment a few big tour operators dominate the market and they pretty much decide what’s on offer and that has to change.

The weekend finished with making a few commitments about ‘my fitness plan’, deciding on my main priority, one-month goals, one year goal and what I will do to celebrate. All great stuff! We also decided that we want to help each other by getting together every month and really looking at our cash flow position.


Monday afternoon the eXtraordinary Travel post-conference package kicked off. While the rain was pouring down we all got into a local bus and went to our hotel on Hong Kong Island. The Metropark Hotel was a good choice and I can recommend it to anyone. Especially their happy hour from 18h00 to 20h30 (US 14, drink as much as you like) was a keeper. While only 6 people had pre-registered for the tour, there were quite a few people that joined for 1 day, half a day or just a dinner. It was great fun! We shopped at Stanley Market, had dinner in a great Chinese restaurant, visited the Big Buddha and went up to the peak with the Peak tram, shopping for electronics and just enjoying the amazing city of Hong Kong. On Wednesday night, before heading for the airport, we joined the Green drinks party on the roof top deck of the Correspondence Club. A very nice way to finish this amazing week of travelling, learning, networking, experiencing, laughing and enjoying the good things in life.

Merrin & Louise Pearse, our Local eXtraordinary Travel Ambassadors, thank you very much in making this possible.

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