Amazink, a township celebration of music & food

Lovely lady at Amazink, GREAT canapes

Last Tuesday I had the pleasure of experiencing Amazink for the first time. Amazink is situated in Khayamandi which is a township area in Stellenbosch, about 1 hour from Cape Town. I heard about it last year when I read that Bertus Basson from ‘Overture’ in Stellenbosch was involved in this fantastic project.

For those who get nervous about driving into a township area, you really don’t need to be nervous about driving to Amazink. The directions are very simple and at arrival there are parking guards to help and direct you.

We were welcomed with soft drinks and delicious snacks by the flamboyant staff / performers of Amazink. They all looked STUNNING and were on the ball making everyone feel super welcome and making sure to get your drinks and snacks quickly.

The first part of the show was about 35 minutes and it was like a whirlwind went through Amazink. Performers, singing and dancing all over the venue and gosh the talent was just incredible. This place is TOO small for these BIG voices!! Shame, my friend who came with me is pregnant and her baba was kicking like mad. I said, maybe he’s just dancing…

The main course was served after the first act. To be honest, we really had indulged in the starter snacks  and shouldn’t have had any main course but of course we did. Delicious Cesar Salad, potato salad and Sirloin Roll, all beautifully presented on a wooden board and little glass pots.

After the main course the show continued with some more incredible dancing and singing and it became more and more festive. By the time we had dessert, people were dancing and going around the venue.

Amazink is a beautiful night out, one of those authentic experiences, township style. Add it to your itinerary NOW! I will definitely recommend it to all my guests.

The show is R200 per person and you can email me to make bookings: Township tours before the show an be organized too!

Here’s link to my photo impression.

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