Andries Stockenstrom Guesthouse, Graaff Reinet

When visitors from Holland come visit, family or friends, it’s always a good excuse to go on a road trip through South Africa. I just LOVE road trips and don’t plan them enough. So when my parents arrived the beginning of February I could hardly wait to jump into the car and GO!!

For a long time I’ve been wanting to take them to Malealea in Lesotho and now was the time. It was their fourth time in South Africa so time to step away from the Garden Route and wine lands and take them to REAL Africa. Driving to Lesotho from Cape Town in 1 day is a bit ambitious (although I have done it!!) so we planned to stay overnight in Graaff Reinet. There was a guesthouse that I had already send some guests and I still needed to check it out, Andries Stockenstrom, a 4 star guesthouse. They’re well known for their culinary dinners, just something for me! My expectations were very high and sorry to say but I was very much disappointed. First of all it was 42 degrees when we arrived and I couldn’t wait to jump into the sparkling pool. It was green and dirty so no go. Dinner was served from about 19h30 and that was the only time that we actually saw the host / chef / owner. He explained the menu with much a-do but when my Karoo Lamb choppie arrived I could hardly find it on my plate. I don’t think I had ever seen such a small chop and half of it was fat. Unfortunately, no one came to check up on us so it was a bit difficult to send the plate back or complain unless I would have gotten up and go to the kitchen myself. The starter, a beetroot / onion / garlich soup was o-k but in 42 degrees I think a chef should anticipate and serve a chilled soup which would have been very possible with this recipe. Anyway, ZAR 275 for this 4 course menu was WAY to much. Anywhere else in South Africa I can enjoy a top notch lunch or dinner for this amount of money and don’t leave the table feeling hungry. So very sorry to say but Andries Stockenstrom, you were a bit of a disappointment food wise, service wise and pool wise. Maybe I just caught you at a bad day and was the heat also too much for you…

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