Awesome time with Heineken delegates!!

Just to say a quick ‘hello’ for my blog readers. Have been out of touch BUT for a very good reason. I’ve spend the most awesome time during the first 3 weeks of the FIFA World Cup. I had the wonderful opportunity to host Heineken and their clients from The Netherlands, 90 guests in total. It was fantastic to spend time with them, show them all that Cape Town and South Africa has to offer and of course to see the Dutch team play soccer in Jo’burg, Durbs and Cape Town. Many would have never visited South Africa if they wouldn’t have been invited by Heineken. Family and friends told them: You’re crazy to go to South Africa, don’t you read the papers about the crime there? BUT, all of them were blown away by the beautiful nature, the incredible friendliness of the South Africans, the electric vibe around the stadiums, the delicious food and wine and the whole country in general. THEY WERE BLOWN AWAY!! So yes, mission accomplished: 90 positive brand ambassadors created for South Africa!!

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