Biggest burger in Cape Town

How am I going to eat this one??

Yesterday was one of those days where everything just seems to go hay wire. My car couldn’t be fixed, I ran out of 3G, my lap top is kind of hanging in there and the wall in my living room came tumbling down. OH NO!!

I had planned to finally go to the Dogs Bollocks for burgers before heading to the Short & Sweet Film Festival. I decided that nothing was going to keep me back so I just left all the nonsense behind and hopped in a taxi on my way to meet my friend at the burger joint. They literally work out of a garage. We past once during the day when it wasn’t open yet and you don’t even see that there’s a little restaurant. There’s just an old white car parked in front so that’s your point of reference. You can choose from about 10 different burgers. I choose the New Yorker with a meatball sauce, yammie! Get there early, 5pm they open and sometimes they’re sold out within an hour. Deluxe Coffee has just opened up next door so you’re all sorted.

Preparing our delish burgers..

Twitter: @yardvibedive – The Dogs Bollocks
Roodehek Street, between Buitenkant & Hope Street
Opens at 5pm for burgers, serving breakfast as well now..


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