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Our evening a the home of Chef Bruce..

Here’s my photo impression of our evening last Friday. Had such a wonderful time. Don’t feel like writing about it, just let the nice memory linger a bit and watch my photos.. Barefoot Chef Bruce welcomed us into his beach home in Scarborough which is about 40 minutes south of Cape Town. It was warm […]

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Heritage Day in the Company Gardens, Cape Town

Celebrating Heritage Day in Cape Town

24 September is the day where South Africans are encouraged to celebrate their heritage that makes up this diverse ‘Rainbow Nation’ of many different cultures, beliefs, traditions and history. Heritage Day used to be known as ‘Shaka Day’ in commemoration of the ‘Napoleon of Africa’.  But since the new democracy, Heritage Day is more appropriate […]

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Rooftop Trailer Park @ Grand Daddy

Coffee Culture in Cape Town is a fantastic web site for REAL people offering REAL activities in cities around the world. No big busses, big tour operators and impersonal service. It really is a great concept. Check it out! Amsterdam, Cape Town, Berlin, San Francisco, New York and Barcelona are some of the cities that have already been launched. […]

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