Celebrating Heritage Day in Cape Town

Heritage Day in the Company Gardens, Cape Town

Heritage Day in the Company Gardens, Cape Town

24 September is the day where South Africans are encouraged to celebrate their heritage that makes up this diverse ‘Rainbow Nation’ of many different cultures, beliefs, traditions and history. Heritage Day used to be known as ‘Shaka Day’ in commemoration of the ‘Napoleon of Africa’.  But since the new democracy, Heritage Day is more appropriate and I find it a rather important day to reflect on the stories and history of this country.

In 2005, a media campaign sought to re-brand this day as ‘National Braai Day’. I’m not sure why they necessarily wanted to do this on this specific day and I don’t think it makes sense. Yes, we all love a good braai, black, white, colored, Indian etc. South Africans embrace their braai time and take it very serious. I think it’s a pity though that this overshadows the celebrating of the rich Heritage which I find is so important and it is a little bit more than just a braai…

So this year, I decided I wanted to take part in the activities organized by Iziko Museums in Cape Town who did an excellent job drawing many Capetonians to the Company Gardens. The Company Gardens is host to quite a few museums and my friend and I toured most of them: The National Gallery, The Planetarium, the Slave Lodge, The Jewish Museum. The quality of all of them is outstanding and I can highly recommend when you visit Cape Town to include museums to your itinerary. My favorite is the National Gallery with some stunning contemporary art.

I will not try to say anything wise about art because I really don’t have a clue. I just know that I love every-day-scenes, beautiful colors and African landscapes. One day I will educate myself a bit more about art… But I guess it’s like wine: you like it or you don’t and what ever value you give a piece of art, that’s what it’s worth to you.

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