Culinary Highlight, The Testkitchen by Luke Dale-Roberts

Finally it was THE day! Finally it was Wednesday 16th of February. Boy, did we have to wait a long time. On several occassions we had tried to make a booking but never managed to get in. Until I just thought: ok, let’s try to plan in advance (a very un-Capetonian way of doing things..), let’s book 3 weeks in advance. I was called twice on the day to check if we were really coming. I guess their waiting list is so long, they have to make sure everyone is coming. Well, they didn’t need to worry about us. We were SO much looking forward to have this exquisite culinary experience, no ways we were going to let anything come in between us and dinner at The Testkitchen. The restaurant is situated at the Biscuit Mill in Woodstock, it seats about 36 people and the food is well, I wish I could explain myself better in English, but the food is UNBELIEVABLE!! The menu is quite flexible. You can do either a la carte, 5 course fine dining or 8 course gourmand menu. However, let me be clear about something: you don’t go to The Testkitchen for a quick bite to eat. No, this is an evening out with friends who are in love with food and wine and that want to taste as many dishes as possible. No need to say, the 8 course gourmand menu was what I aimed for. I’m short of English (and even Dutch) vocabulary to describe each and every dish but they were all pieces of art. We were so happy that we sat at the kitchen bar. We saw every dish being prepared with utmost care, precision and taste. It was incredible. Foie Gras, pork belly, lam tongue, quail, prawn, truffle, the WORKS!

We will def. be back for another celebration of unbelievable food!! Tel: 021 447 2337, make a booking!

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