Cycle the township of Langa with Vamos Tours

To Experience the whole Cape Town lifestyle I went on a township tour through Langa. The Township tour offered by Suriviwe and Vamos tours tries to introduce you to the real Township life. It starts off with lunch at Mzoli´s which is the place to be/eat for anyone in the Townships. To burn the calories after lunch a cycling tour to discover the Township is offered. Cycling in Langa is a fantastic way to get as close as possible to the people and their way of living. The kids just love bikes and would love to ride along with you. They tried to jump on any free spot available of my bike. It’s a lot of fun. After riding through the streets the tour will be finished by an after school project called “happy feet”: The Kids are eager to sing for you and perform their dances.

Participating this tour is not only a nice opportunity to experience the townships but also supports school projects as they will earn some money for their performance to build up more possibilities to get the kids of the streets.

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