Dash Restaurant, culinary highlight in Cape Town

Yes, we have ANOTHER culinary highlight in Cape Town. It’s a bit tucked away in the Waterfront but once you have found it, I’m sure you want to keep coming back. Dash is situated in the 35-bedroom Queen Victoria Hotel, behind the Commodore Hotel. I made a booking for last Friday night at 7pm. I was ready for some more fantastic food. The reviews were raving about this place so we were ready for a culinary experience of note.

We were the first ones to arrive in the restaurant and were welcomed by Ashley (who later turned out to be Rudi, he lost his name tag.. bit of a hilarious situation..).  At the first glimpse of the menu I already knew that making choices was going to be difficult tonight. No worries, we’re 2 girls with a VERY healthy appetite so we choose quite a few courses.  For ones I took pictures of all the dishes and I will include them here in the blog. Not superb quality but you will get the idea of the amazing dishes we tasted.

We started off with a deconstructed Ceasar Salad to share. Just choosing the best ingredients and don’t go wild on the ansjovis, will make any Ceasar Salad perfect for me. We liked the quail eggs and the croutons crumbs were delish too.

Ceasar Salad

Ceasar Salad

The next course were our REAL starters. If I can say 1 or 2 negative things the 1 would be that we were not served any bread. I thought that was a bit odd and I kind of missed it. I guess the Chef didn’t want to spoil our appetite with heavy breads but he wouldn’t need to worry about that with us :). Believe me.
I choose the Confit of Crayfish on Cucumber with Paw Paw Salad. Loved it! My friend choose the Wild Mushroom Ragoût and was equally enthusiastic about her choice. (next time better pictures, I promise).

Confit of Crayfish

Wild mushroom Ragout

I love Sorbets! At Dash you can have a choice of Sorbets which I thought was fantastic. So we choose all of them to share. The choices are: Tomato Granite, Lime & Lemon (def. a favourite), Amazing Rose (not my taste), Apple and Cinnamon (2nd best) and Orange Citrus (favourite).

If I may say a 2nd negative thing… We entered the restaurant at 7pm, by 7h45pm we had the Sorbets. It was all a bit too fast for us. We were not in a hurry so we kindly asked to wait a bit with the main course. I guess we made our booking a bit too early and were the only guests for the first hour. I would suggest you make a booking at 8pm rather.  Slowing down was not a problem. We enjoyed our bottle of Hamilton Russell Pinot Noir and considered ourselves extremely fortunate, again, to be able to wine and dine like Queens in the most beautiful city in the world. On to the main course.

My friend choose the Beef Fillet which is served with a vegetable garden, yes really, a vegetable garden and the  nick name of this Signature dish is Alice in Wonderland. It’s a colourful display of beautiful vegetables and of course the fillet.
I choose to try the Scallops with hazelnut crumbs, cauliflower puree and fennel. Wow! It was delicious

Delicious Scallops

Alice in Wonderland

For desserts we choose the Chocolate Fondant and Liquorice Macaroons. Of course the Chocolate Fondant was my favorite. It just had the perfect texture and I LOVE dark chocolate. For those who don’t know me, I’m a Chocoholic and will most likely choose desserts with chocolate. I find it very difficult to choose anything else.. We finished this lovely dinner and evening with some double Espressos and left the place feeling very happy. It is just a beautiful evening out, being spoiled with delicious food and being served by very attentive staff. It’s such a pleasure to experience true hospitality without being too formal.

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