Madagascar is called the Galapagos of Africa. You will love the lemurs! There are about 40 different species. It’s the meeting point of Africa and Asia. You will need to be a bit adventurous though..Did you know the Malagasy eat more rice than the Chinese? Discover this country now!

Languages: Malagasy, French
Currency: Ariary, Euro is easiest to change
Capital City: Antananarivo
Size of Country: 587.041 km2; 4th largest island in the world; 2 x size of UK
Size of Population: 22 million (2011 est); growing by 3% per year
Visa Requirements: Upon arrival
Vaccinations: No special vaccinations needed. Malaria medication advisable
Electricity: 220 volts; European style round-pin sockets
Credit Cards: VISA only; strongly recommend to use cash, not much ATMs and high CC charges
Service Charge: 10% is plenty
Time Zone: GMT +3
Religion: Indigenous beliefs, Christianity and Muslim
Map of Madagascar
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