South Africa

South Africa is never boring, always surprises and mostly exceeds all expectations. The country has an incredible natural beauty ranging from bush, beach, semi-desert to lush rainforest. You will not be disappointed. Promise!
Official Languages: English, Zulu, Afrikaans, Xhosa, Ndebele, Swazi, Pedi, Tswana, Sotho, Venda, Tsonga
Currency: ZAR = South African Rand (= Zuid Afrikaanse Rand)
Capital City: Pretoria, Bloemfontein & Cape Town
Size of Country: 1.2 million km (bigger than France, UK & Germany together)
Size of Population: 49 million people (2011)
Visa Requirements: Your passport needs to be valid for 6 months and you need 3 empty pages.
Vaccinations: Not required, some advisable, there are some areas with malaria, check with travel clinic
Tax: 14%
Credit Cards: All major credit cards accepted; ATMs widely available
Service Charge: It is customary to add 10% Service Fee to all Food and beverage charges.
Time Zone: GMT +2
Religion: Predominantly Christian, Freedom of worship guaranteed by Constitution
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