E-Tourism Africa Summit in Cape Town

My 10 golden nuggets of the 5th E-tourism  Africa Summit in Cape Town

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the this event for businesses in tourism. It was held in the CTICC here in Cape Town so it was a ‘home run’ for me.  The event was organized by E-Tourism Frontiers in collaboration with South African Tourism, VISA and Cape Town Tourism.

The program was jampacked with speakers from Facebook, Youtube, Trip advisor, VISA, South African Tourism, Expedia, Humanity.tv, Bournemouth University as well as President of the International Federation for Information Technogolies in Travel & Tourism (IFITT), Google, Springnest and then some.

I thought you might enjoy my ‘nuggets’ of  the conference:

  1. Youtube is the 2nd search engine, after google, when internet users want to look up something. How to? – videos are super popular.
    My nugget: have been ignoring my extraordinarytravel  youtube channel WAY too long!
  2. The multiple stages of a tourism experience are: 1) dreaming; 2)planning; 3) booking; 4) onsite experience; 5) sharing. Technology is present in each stage of the process.
    My nugget: make sure to be part of the dreaming stage of your guests.
  3. Tripadvisor has 60 million unique users worldwide of which 24.6 million are based in Europe.
    My nugget: pity Tripadvisor doesn’t allow tour organizers to engage on their site.
  4. From the 10 fastest growing economies worldwide, 6 are based in Africa with Angola being nr 1 and Nigeria nr 4.
  5. 55% of European travelles prefer self-organized travel, only 5% travels with a personal guide.
  6. Future travellers travel less and expect more; customization and niche-ing is KEY.
    My nugget: cool, have been customizing only for the last 9 years.
  7. Travel is a co-creation of travellers, local people and tourism suppliers.
  8. Go visual or go home. Create a Youtube channel, show authentic experiences, share the passion and make visitors part of it.
  9. Turn clients into positive ambassadors for your city, country and company
    My nugget: my mission in life is to be positive ambassador for this incredible part of the world so I’m doing well here I guess.
  10. Google + is growing REALLY fast and can’t be ignored. It allows you to target specific circles.
    My nugget: have to get into it, SIGH, really hoped I could skip this one social network but I guess not..

And what were you nuggets? Would love to hear!

If you like to visit Cape Town or anything else in South Africa, email me on jessy@extraordinary-travel.com for special places, superb routes, the best eateries and lots of adventure.

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