Exploring Art Galleries in Cape Town

Last Saturday I had such a lovely morning here in my own Cape Town. I hadn’t done it for a long while: just getting lost in the streets of the city centre. Well, not exactly getting lost, but just strolling the streets without any particular plan in mind and exploring new places. The day obviously had to start with a nice breakfast so we choose Hemelhuijs (under de fanwalk bridge, no web site, 021 418 2042)) to indulge in all that they offer. Oh how delightful!! Eggs Benedict still one of my favourite and my friend’s open omelette with goat’s chees and roasted tomatoes also looked pretty good and tasted even better. Cape Town is really becoming more and more super pedestrian friendly and me, being European, I just absolutely love it that I can walk in the city. Every time I walk the city centre I see new areas being uplifted and new interesting places being added. This morning we were exploring some art galleries. To be honest, I don’t really have a clue about art but that’s why it’s such great fun to explore with my friend Fion who has studied art and can tell me all about it. I even saw a painting that is still on my mind and that I’m considering buying. It had Lion’s Head in it so I loved it instantly! Although quite a few art galleries have moved to Woodstock, Loop Street, Long Street and Church Street still have a lot to offer for the art lovers amongst you. We visited iArt, www.iart.co.za in Loop Street, Ava Gallery, www.ava.co.za in Church Street and the Cape Art Gallery, www.capegallery.co.za also in Church Street. Then there’s a lovely shop on Long Street, Imagenius, www.imagenius.co.za where it will be very difficult to leave without buying a present or just spoiling yourself. Most galleries are open during the week from 10am to 5pm and on Saturdays from 10am – 2 pm. It’s such a fantastic way to spend your Saturday morning, I will def. do it again SOON! Every year an Arts & Crafts map of Cape Town is being produced. Everything you need to know is on there, check www.mapsinfo.co.za.

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