Final Draw Soccer World Cup 2010

Just a quick not to say that it was a GREAT party. I was in Long street from about 4pm and the vibe was just fantastic. This is the way to unite Africa, this is the way to take the country to new levels and to create more understanding between all the different citizens. It was great to see black, coloured, white, Indian and all the different countries represented party together in Long Street.

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  1. Daniël December 20, 2009 at 10:29 am #

    Hi there, by looking for more information about SA on the web, I found your website. It is great reading the above! During our visits to SA we met a lot of people that would like to retain differences in society as it suits them in their “comfort”, but luckely there are things changing. Hopefully mutual understanding, an honest view on the future and good policy makes things changing soon. We are considering going to live in SA and this keeps us busy a lot.
    Well, many thanks for sharing your experiences which are valuable for people like us with their heart partly in SA and good luck with your travel agency (it’s added to our favourites). Best regards, Daniël

  2. jessylipperts December 21, 2009 at 4:30 pm #

    Hi Daniel, thank you so much for your kind message. It’s great to make plans to come and live in South Africa. Although opinions differ a lot I do think you can have a great quality of life here. I do feel though that one also has to contribute to the less fortunate here so that’s what I’m also doing through my business and getting involved in all kinds of projects. There’s still so much to do here. Have a good Christmas and an excellent 2010, Jessy

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