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What I love about my life as an entrepreneur is the fact that I’m allowed to be curious all the time. I never realized that I enjoy being ‘curious’ until I moved to South Africa and became a professional Tour Designer. I just LOOOOVE to walk into a place and ask if I ‘may have a look’, or contact people that I meet on an online forum whom I find interesting or join a club or event that I think would be fun. Somehow I never used to do these things when I was employed and still living in Holland. I guess I was just too tired when I finally got home in the evening after sitting in traffic for 2 hours. But the world and my world have changed: I live in South Africa in the most beautiful city in the world, I started my own tour design business about 8 yrs ago and social media has become THE way of communicating and being in touch with everyone around the world. It is also a great medium for curious people like me who are always on the look-out for something new.

About 2 months ago I met Chris Von Ulmenstein at a Cape Town Bloggers Event. She told me about the Food & Wine Bloggers’ Club. It was the first time ever I went to a Bloggers event and now I already had an invite for the next one. My curiosity led me from 1 thing to the other. How awesome! I read the Whalecottage blog a few times as a reference before visiting restaurants. To be honest I was a bit intimidated by Chris but meeting the actual person is always different and her passion for food, wine, and excellent service is contagious.

Yesterday the Club was held at Den Anker in the Waterfront. I just LOVE spending a few hours talking ONLY about food and wine. We had some excellent speakers who were absolutely passionate about what they’re doing. First we had Nikki Dumas tell us about her Swirl blog. Her ‘Tips for Successful Blogging’ are a good starting point for any blogger. I will repeat them here.

Write something:
useful, unique, newsworthy, first, that makes those who read it smarter, controversial, insightful, that taps into a fear people have, that helps people achieve, that elicit a response, that gives a sense of belonging, passionately, that interprets or translates news for people, inspirational, that tells a story, that gets a laugh, that saves people time and/or money, opinionated, that is a resource, about something ‘cool’.  Nikki advices to choose about 4 tips to be included into any blog you write. It makes so much sense.
Staters being served!
The next speaker was Matt Allison who writes a blog called Imnojamieoliver. I was SO happy to be seated next to him because once he started talking I didn’t want to miss ANYTHING he was saying. It was fantastic to hear that also in South Africa men choose to be housemen and look after their family in the best possible way while the wife is following a corporate career. It was wonderful to learn about his vegetable garden and how he ‘lives seasonally’.  He told 1 interesting fact after the other: supermarket vegetables are often picked unripe and ripened in an artificial way, and ‘free range’ chicken is probably not what we imagine when we read ‘free range’… I will def. have a look at his blog and I will also visit the market at Starling Café, 94 Belvedere Rd, in Claremont where Matt sells his veggies on a Wednesday between 4 and 6pm. You can be sure his veggies are picked just an hour before you buy them at this market. It doesn’t get any fresher…

The whole evening was very well organized. I loved the little menus on the table that had the food and wine pairing printed on them. I ALWAYS forget what I exactly eat and drink and just remember if it was delicious or not…Thank you to Robyn Martin from Jordan Wine estate for preparing it all so beautifully.

So now you perhaps would like to know what we ate and drank. Here are Robyn’s notes:

Aromatic, appley 2009 Riesling endorses the fresh flavor of just-seared and sesame-coated tuna.
Creamy toasty 2009 Chardonnay pairs happily with fragrant, truffle-enhanced scrambled egg.
Tropical, green notes of the 2010 Sauvignon Blanc are offset by a beer-poached, katifi-wrapped prawn, draped in a saffron beurre blanc.

Canapes with Duck Liver Pate upon arrival

Plumy, stylish 2008 Merlot enriches rare butter-tender pepper fillet.
Richly textured 2008 Syrah finds the perfect flavor/weight partner in the herbed richness of venison (kudu) with sauce bordelaise.

The unexpected liaison: smoothly subtle Bordeaux-style flagship Cobblers Hill makes music with ravishing chocolate ravioli garnished with pomegranate.

Are you curious already about this fun & fab club and do you perhaps want to join next month?
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2 Responses to Food & Wine Bloggers’ Club – Cape Town

  1. Chris von Ulmenstein August 22, 2011 at 9:22 am #

    Wow Jessy, what a fabulous blogpost about our Food & Wine Bloggers’ Club meeting at Den Anker last week. It was lovely having you there.

    We look forward to seeing you at future meetings. This is the programme for the rest of the year :


  2. Jessy August 22, 2011 at 10:31 am #

    Thank you Chris. I enjoyed the event a lot. I have quite some traveling coming up till 13 October so I will join again after that. You can count on me!!

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