Fordoun Hotel & Spa, Midlands Meander

Last w-end I could finally stay at Fordoun Hotel & Spa. Seeing it is wedding season in South Africa, I was visiting the Midlands Meander for the wedding of one of my friends. I didn’t mind AT all to fly out there and take a bit of a break. The Midlands is an area of beautiful farms, close to the majestic Drakensberg. Fordoun is a very special place run and owned by some very special people with their hearts in the right place. It used to be a dairy farm but it’s now a beautiful 5 star hotel and Spa.  The trip itself was a little bit stressful as I was almost bumped off my Kulula flight. Holiday season is not the best time to fly although we don’t have snow storms like now in Europe, Jeez! What a mess!

Anyway, back to Fordoun. It’s about a 2 hour drive from Durban King Shaka Airport. Simply drive N3 and take Nottingham Road exit. You will pass Fordoun soon thereafter. Welcomed by Lazarus & Vincent we immediately kind of relaxed. The rooms are super spacious and the bathrooms have underfloor heating. You wouldn’t think that’s necessary but it was actually not that warm when we were there.  The restaurant, Skye, serves some really lovely food. I had a starter which was a combination of Salmon Tartare, Prawn and kind of what we call in Holland a Bitterbal but then filled with fish. And for main course some REALLY nice beef. Very hearty, honest food, just the way we like it.

The next morning we were woken up by a very loud thunderstorm. Wow!! We don’t get those in Cape Town.  It was like whole hell broke loose. And then the rains came. Oh, I know of quite a few villages in the Western Cape that would LOVE to have that rain now. Well, we had it all in Nottingham Road.

After another hearty breakfast ( Yes, I always eat too much when staying in nice hotels…) we went on a drive around the farm with Jon, the owner. He showed us the protected area for the Whattled Cranes and how Fordoun has played an important role in the conservation of those rare animals. Only 275 are left in South Africa. Fordoun has donated a piece of wetlands to be a conservation area for those special creatures. Jon also told us about how all the farm workers will have title deeds and own their own piece of land so that they also can stay after retirement and don’t need to leave the community. It was such a beautiful morning and Jon is just one of those people that you want to spend time with and learn about all the things that he’s involved in.

In the afternoon, the wedding was held at Granny Mouse House, about 20 minutes drive from Fordoun. Beautiful setting with stunning views of the surrounding mountains. Lovely chapel, stunning bride, great husband, all family and friends, how nice!

It was actually quite funny because while waiting in the cue for the plane, I met someone that was also going to a wedding in that area, then in the airplane I sat next to a gentleman who was also going to yet ANOTHER wedding in that area so yes, wedding season is ON!

I will need to come back to Fordoun because unfortunately my appointment with Dr Elliot Ndlovu was cancelled because he was sick. This was one of the main reasons why I wanted to stay here in the first place but I guess you always need a reason to go back to a special place and I have a very good one indeed.

Let us know if you’d like to make a trip to the Midlands Meander. You will love and we’re happy to book it for you!

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