Haas Coffee, most expensive coffee in the world!

Haas Coffee

Perfect start of the day

Doesn’t this look delicious? Some time ago I was supposed to have a morning meeting at Haas Coffee. Because I work from home it’s nice to have all my meetings outside and try new and interesting places. The person didn’t show up for the meeting but I still decided to order a flat white and ‘something sweet’. I have a sweet tooth. I love sweet things but in many cases I’m put off by the enormous sizes of cakes and tarts. I like the taste, I don’t like the calories. Haas coffee had the perfect little cinnamon bun, just enough to fill up my sweet tooth and kick off the day.

NOTE: for coffee lovers: at HAAS you can drink the most expensive cup of coffee in the world, ‘kopi luwak’, a very unusual ‘blend’ if we may say so. Not for the fainthearted. (which we are not 🙂 ) I will have to go back with a friend to have this extraordinary experience .

Haas Coffee is situated in a very historical area of Cape Town, Bo-Kaap. Beautiful colourful houses lighten up your day and from the terrace outside you will have a stunning view of Lion’s Head, my favourite mountain. Parking is a bit of a mission so rather come by scooter or bicycle or walk through our stunning city!

Open Mo – Fri: 7am – 3pm
Sat, Sun, Public Holiday: 8am – 3pm


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