Hiking around Cape Town

Sometimes you do things and while doing them you wonder: What was I thinking? This is way to challenging for me. However, afterwards you feel exhausted but very pleased that you did it. Last Sunday I hiked Myburgh Waterfall Ravine for the 2nd time. When I hiked it the first time, I was quite fit. Last Sunday was the first time I went for a proper hike after the Inca Trail. Yes, I’ve done Lion’s Head a couple of times but according to my hiking friends, that’s not a hike, that’s a stroll. So now you know.. This is not a hike for untrained people and don’t try this by yourself. It’s advisable to go in a small group and have someone with who has already hiked the trail.

You park the car at Ruyteplaats in Hout Bay and start hiking from there. You follow the foot path on the left hand side of the security gate. You first walk on a path that give you fantastic views of Hout Bay all the way to the Kommetjie light house. This is the easy bit.. Once you’ve crossed a wooden bridge and walked through a forest, the climb up the ravine will start. It’s a tough 2 hrs hike to the top. The ravine is beautiful and quite dramatic. You hike (well, scramble rather) between 2 massive rock walls, overgrown with greens and in Summer you can be sure to find Red Disas here. There was a LOT of water because it rained a lot the last few weeks. I found it quite challenging to do the balancing act on the slippery rocks and try not to get too wet. Am I getting older and more scared? I guess that’s part of it but perhaps also because I haven’t hiked for a long time. I was  very glad that my friends were patient and helped me where I needed help. Thanks guys! Once on top we looked out for a nice sunny spot and had breakfast. Wow!! Such an amazing feeling to have conquered this mountain again. But the challenges were not over yet.  Now we got ready for the descend down Llandudno Ravine. OMW, SO steep! Are we really going down THERE?? Jeez, it was very steep. At some points you’ll have metal handle bars to help you down (like the ones at India Venster). No, this is definitely not a hike for the faint at heart.  I just had to go slower and slower because of the pressure on my knees.  Going down is so much more strenuous than going up. But the views are incredible. We live in such an amazingly beautiful place, it’s almost unbelievable that it’s all for real. Llandudno, Table Mountain, The Oceans, Hout Bay with views all the way through to Noordhoek and Kommetjie. It really IS the most beautiful place in the world. And I live here, wow!

Well, I was VERY happy to finally arrive back at the car. My legs were shaking! At home I took  a warm bath and spend the rest of the day on the couch, just resting. Not even TV. Just resting. Ah!

I want to add photos but still waiting for them. Didn’t take any myself so I will have to upload them at a later stage when my friend sends them to me.

For a very detailed description of this hike and many other hikes in the Cape check: www.cape-hike.co.za

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