Hiking from Noordhoek Beach to Silvermine Dam



Yes, last weekend I was very active and into all kinds of activities. Hiking is one of my favourite things to do, almost sacred to me. The mountains around Cape Town and the peninsula are just magic. So last Sunday I joined 2 of my hiking buddies, Dave & Sean on another amazing hike. Although the weather didn’t really look great in the morning, we just decided to go anyway. So glad we did!

We met at the parking of Noordhoek Beach. Sean had left his car at Silvermine Dam so that would be our finish. The funny thing with Sean & Dave is, that you never exactly know what you’re getting yourself into. For them this was also the first time to hike this trail. I know that they hike every weekend so when I’m not traveling, I just always text/email them and they make the plan. Very nice not to be the tour guide for a change!

From Noordhoek Beach we went up Chapman’s Peak. Boy, the wind was nearly blowing us off the mountain! Just in time I could catch my cap. I have to be honest though, once we were up there and walking around the mountain, the wind was not as bad as we thought and it was actually very enjoyable not to be so hot. Perfect day for hiking! After a hearty sandwich in a spot with a 270 degrees view of Noordhoek, Fish Hoek and False Bay, we had another hill to climb: Noordhoek Peak. That wasn’t really calculated beforehand but hey, that’s what we had to climb before getting to the car. I have to be honest again, I was getting quite exhausted. It was my first hike since a month. But Sean and Dave were very patient and kept the spirit going. So YES, we also got to that peak and then we could almost see Silvermine Dam. The path down took us a bit longer than foreseen but it was very enjoyable. The flowers were beautiful and there was even a bit of sunshine. By 13h45 we reached the car after about 4.5 hours of SERIOUS hiking. Thanks guys, it was great again and I’ll see you next weekend!

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