Hiking in Cape Point Nature Reserve

Exhausted! I’m still exhausted! I guess I had a bit too much on this week. The Test Kitchen, French Toast on Thursday and Friday night the incredible U2 concert here in the stadium down the road. Oy! To top it all off, I joined for a 6 hour hike on Saturday in the Table Mountain National Park, Cape Point Nature Reserve. It was great to hike again and to see all the guys again. I’ve been a bit out of it and really missed it so I was determined not to miss out on this one. I had done the same hike with a friend in Jan 2010 so I remembered it quite well. We were a group of 17 and all different levels of fitness which is fine. I like it when everyone can go on their own pace and you all meet up at the lunch spot. No one needs to hurry and no one needs to slow down. I prefer to hike mostly by myself. It’s just a great way of really getting away from everything and let my mind be quiet. Almost like prayer or meditation.  We hiked the Atlantic side of the reserve. The start of the hike is a bit uphill but nothing major. You’ll see beautiful rock formations. I’m always intrigued by these. We had a tea stop at Sirkelsvlei. Some brought their costume and went for a swim. I completely forgot so I just rested a bit and had a chat to those I hadn’t seen for so long.

Sirkelsvlei swim

Sirkelsvlei swim

8 Rock formations

I took a few pictures of beautiful bontebok and of course the ostriches! Just checked the pictures but don’t think they would come out here. Lunch spot was another swim spot, right in the Atlantic Ocean. The water seemed to be warm enough to allow for  good swim which happens not too often.

11 Lunchspot

The rest of the crowd stayed in the wonderful overnight huts (where I stayed last year) but I wanted to get back home. So I had to hitchhike back to the beginning of the reserve towards the end of the day. Around 15h30 we were at a parking lot and I thought this was a good spot to try to get back, and I did within 5 minutes. A friendly man that went for a walk on the beach, gave me a lift back.

Such a beautiful day! for bookings check: www.tmnp.co.za Always make sure to bring enough water and snacks when you hike. Keep a safe distance from baboons, stay on the designated paths, don’t pick flowers and don’t litter!


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