Hiking Table Mountain via India Venster

Last Saturday I did another stunning hike at that magic mountain of ours, Table Mountain. This time we hiked up to the cable car via India Venster, not an obvious route.

We met at 8h30 at the lower cable station. As it was the first hot summer day in Cape Town, there were many people going up the mountain, by cable car most of them, though. Not us, we hiked up. We followed the path that starts about 50 meters to the right from the lower cable station. You’ll see a few steps. Jee, it was REALLY hot. It always takes me about an hour before I really start enjoying. I begin always by asking myself: Why again do I love this so much, while puffing and turning into a red lobster.

But hey, this mountain is magic and as soon as you climb up a bit and have the first spectacular views, you know EXACTLY why you love it so much and why Cape Town is such a special place to be. Lion’s Head, Devil’s peak, Robben Island, the city, The Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean and sometimes a cute a.. as well! We had it all!

The India Venster route is stunning but not for sissy’s. Most of the time, you scramble up the mountain, go through narrow chimneys and once we even had to go backwards to get up onto the ledges. I couldn’t have done it without a little help from my friends. After some 2 hours of serious climbing, the path went around the corner and we had awesome views of Camps Bay beach and the Twelve Apostles (a mountain range, for those who don’t know what I’m talking about). After another hour we reached the top and treated ourselves to some well deserved breakfast. The cable car brought us down safely. Another shit day in Africa!

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