Holland is in the Soccer FIFA World Cup Finals. Wowowowowow!!!

Jeez!! What a match and I was in the stadium AGAIN, here in Cape Town, just down the road from where I live! I can’t believe it how much I love this soccer world cup and how much I am involved in all of it. Of course, to start with, it helps that I’m Dutch and that Holland is doing so bloody well. Haha! I thought  they would have gone home after the match against Brazil last Friday but we are in the FINALS!!! yahoeoe!! Let’s just hope that Germany has a black out tonight against Spain so that we can meet Spain in the finals. Somehow a Holland – Germany Final doesn’t go down so lekker but hey, if it is Germany then we’ll just deal with them, right? At the moment I’m awaiting confirmation for a whole bunch of Dutch supporters to come and watch the match. Let’s hope we can all pull it off, get the plane chartered and make sure Soccer City will be Orange again this Sunday.

On our way to the match

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