It wasn’t really a quiet Saturday…


hm, 1 of the nice things of living in Cape Town is that you never ever need to get bored. Last weekend we had to improvise a bit because suddenly the weather let us down a bit. But hey,  how difficult can it be to make a plan B when you have about 300 wineries on your door step?? Can’t be THAT hard. Saturday I firstly had breakfast at Nitida Wines, I had never been and was looking forward to go there because I had heard good stories. It was terrible weather to drive but I’m from Holland so no moaning, just got in my car, on my way. However, I wasn’t amused when my breakfast date sent me a text message: ‘only woke up now’. Hm…luckily only a joke. I’m very German when it comes to time…Anyway, lovely breakfast, Eggs Florentine, perfectly done. Their capuccino’s need a bit of work. The first one I got was almost cold and the 2nd one had burned froth. After breakfast I was ready to move to the wine tasting area. I really felt like tasting loads of red wines but we somehow first went through all the whites.  I really need to catch up on my wine knowledge and taste a bit more because I can’t say a decent word about any wine except: hm ya, I like it.. which I then say after each and every single one. Not sure if that’s a bad thing..We ended up both buying a bottle of their Nitida Calligraphy. It should still age for a bit but it was already quite drinkable. Back home I REALLY felt like: I want more!! So I phoned my partners in crime and YES they were also into some wine tasting. Pfungwa had never seen Groot Constantia so we made a short stop there to view the estate and have a glass of course. I have good memories here. Used to bring all my wine groups here and have a great tasting by Boela Gerber, the wine maker. Then we moved to Gorgeous by Graham Beck at Steenberg, a new Champagne Bar that I wanted to see, taste and experience. Oh, how I LOVE hanging out in beautiful, gorgeous places and live the life… We had a spot at the bar which always allows for interacting with people next to you which I quite enjoy. We all choose for the non-vintage flight and thought we’d moved on to the vintage flight afterwards. However, this never happened. I like to eat, always. So the canapes on offer were just what I needed. 1 picture says more than 1000 words so see below…

Canapes @gorgeous

After Gorgeous, we didn’t feel like going home. I suggested to go to Kitima@kronendal in Hout Bay. One of the most perfect places in the Cape that I would love everyone to experience. They just get EVERYTHING right. Another spot at the bar, now some delicious cocktails and Aromatic Duck Pancakes. OMW!! Oh what a day & night! Loved every single minute of it. Thanks guys!!


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