!Khwa Ttu, a celebration of the San culture

Every month I organise a day outing for XL members & families. Yesterday we went to a San culture and training centre, just 1 hours drive from Cape Town. The San (also known as Bushmen) are the first people of Southern Africa. They used to be hunter-gathering people but in more recent decades they mostly have encountered poverty and discrimination. !Khw Ttu is a living celebration of past and present San culture, an uplifiting and inspirational experience.

Although in the morning the weather was quite horrible we still decided to go anyway. After a nice capuccino at Newport Deli in Mouille Point we drove up the R27.
Upon arrival we were welcomend by the most friendly person EVER. His name was Andre and he introduced himself to us. The weather was still not looking great so we decided to sit next to the fire and first enjoy a hearty lunch. And hearty it was! WoW! Aubergine & Camembert Tart, delicious Bobotie and Risotto with Roasted Butternut to name a few.
At 14h00 we really had to make a decision what we were going to do. Rain was pouring down and to go for a walk or on a tractor ride was not really very appealing to any of us. We decided to just watch the introduction video and learn about the language, all the different click sounds are quite interesting. A well put together museum and photo gallery tells you about the history, culture and hardships of the San. One of the most amazing things I found the fact that the San have been able to negotiate with the pharmaceutical industry about the medicinal use of the Hoodia plant. The Hoodia plant takes away appetite and you can just imagine how this can be used in weight loss products. As with most traditional medicine, this knowledge his discovered by indigenous people but the pharmaceutical industry just uses this knowledge without sharing their profits with the indigenous people. Well, the San and their lawyers have done some groundbreaking work and have secured share in profits which is fantastic.
We will def. be back to learn about tracking skills and to gain botanical knowledge. Also the replica of the Traditional Village will have to wait until the weather is a bit better.
We had a great day out anyway. Other day outings: bicylce tour in Masiphumelele, Soekershof succulent gardens near Robertson, Bike & Wine, hikes and much more!

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