Let's go see the wild flowers near Cape Town

And what a lovely day it was! Together with my friend and her mom we first drove to Riebeeck Kasteel. The weather didn’t look great for the day but road trips in South Africa, I simply LOVE! Afterwards we heard that Cape Town had been quite horrible, pouring down, so we were happy we left the city and drove up north, N7, to see if we could find some wild flowers. August and September (after the rains) are the months to do this trip.
First stop was Riebeeck Kasteel, such a lovely village, about 1.5 hour from Cape Town. It’s quaint, cute and perfect to have a nice lunch with a glass of Sauvignon. YAY! The sun showed herself just a little bit but it was comfortable enough to sit outside on the terrace. Riebeeck Kasteel is also home to some fabulous wine estates like Kloovenburg and Allesverloren (try the Port here, YAM!)

Quaint shops in Riebeeck Kasteel

Quaint shops in Riebeeck Kasteel

Anyway, swiftly moving along because we still had to find some wild flowers! Driving back to Malmesbury and then crossed through to Darling. Millions and millions of Arum lilies en route, so beautiful and very tempting to pick a whole bunch but obviously can’t do! A bit further we finally found a field full of colourful flowers. It’s kind of an art to see them when there’s no sun and lots of wind. We only saw the different colours when we turned around. It was in the Tienie Versveld Reserve on the R315 from Darling to Yzerfontein.

Me in wild flower field

After some fun in the flowers we drove through to Yzerfontein to Die Strandkombuis, a wonderful venue right on the Atlantic Ocean, specialised in sea food and only open on Sundays. It was Saturday today so no sea food for us but it was great to see the place and to dream about coming back when the weather is stunning with a whole bunch of friends and just chill, eat and drink wine the whole afternoon. Another one on the to-do-list for Summer!

Perfect orange flower

Pink beauties

On the road to Yzerfontein we got a bonus and saw a beautiful tortoise disappear between the yellow flowers.

Tortoise en route!

Tortoise en route!

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