Massimo’s Pizza brightened up my day!

Yesterday was one of those days that you’re not really looking forward to. There would be no electricity in my building because of maintenance reasons so I decided to do all those queue-ing things that don’t make you happy: queue at the post office to re-direct mail because the Green Point post office is suddenly no more (??), sit in the queue at Home Affairs in Wynberg because I’d lost my I.D. book somewhere somehow and I obviously couldn’t remember when, queue at FNB Hout Bay to sort out all kinds of card issues. So, in short, a DREADFUL day to start. And of course, it was raining like cats and dogs and suddenly Capetonians don’t know how to drive anymore. Because of the huge amounts of coffee I drink in the morning, I had to use the ladies room, thought, I would make a quick pee stop at the Constantia Village and, serious, the ladies bathrooms were under construction. OH NO! So RUN back to car through pouring rain and race down to Hout Bay where I would meet my friend for lunch at (SIGH!!): Massimo’s! YAY!
I usely get extremely happy when thinking about food, entering a restaurant, buying ingredients for a new dish or trying a new place. I had been following Massimo’s Tweeds so I was very excited to come here for lunch. I had already sampled their pizzas a few years ago when my friend left for Europe and had her farewell party at the then pizza club so I knew I was in for a major treat.
It is always nice to visit Hout Bay. I’ve got dear friends there and I lived in Hout Bay myself for almost 4 years. So between the rain and all the queue-ing we enjoyed a 3 course lunch. Ya, why not on a Wednesday? We shared all our dishes which I always love because then you get to taste more 🙂 We choose from the specials menu and started off with Burrata with Parma Ham, the most creamy, delicious Mozzarela you can imagine with Parma Ham (favourite!) and rocket, served with crispy pizza bread. Yammie! Followed by the pizza with Pancetta bacon and Dates. Do I need to say more? All pizzas are thin, crispy and topped with the freshest ingredients. You know that I’m not really a pizza fan. I never order pizza when I go to an Italian Restaurant. I always feel a pizza is to heavy, too much, too rich. With Massimo’s Pizza I didn’t have that feeling at all. So the bonus was that we still had space for desert and we opted for the Pear & Berry Cake, perfect “finale” for a perfect lunch. Now I have another reason to keep coming back to Hout Bay!
NOTE: Massimo is doing a jersey collection for the James House in Hout Bay. Bring 1 Jersey and get 1 glass of wine for free. Open from Wednesday – Sunday for lunch and dinner: 021 – 790 5648

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