McGregor, quaint village in the Western Cape

For those who have been to South Africa, don’t you just love the ‘dorpies’ we have here? Spend a day in a dorpie (= village) and before you know it you hang out with the locals, know all the town gossip and have a designated bar stool in the local pub. I just love it! Last weekend we were invited for a friend’s wedding and since it was a long weekend, a great opportunity to get away for the entire weekend. I had just finished a tour with 20 clients so could need some serious relaxation. Tanagra Wine Farm and Cottages is the perfect place to just relax and don’t do anything. It was HOT! Cottages are well appointed and very spacious. We had our own stoep, outside braai and lounge chairs. The kitchen is well equipped although I couldn’t get the stove to work but that might have to do something with my long forgoten cooking skills (yes, they need some serious attention..).

The wedding was on Sunday at Trossachs, a stunning place, situated in the middle of nowhere. It has it’s own little chapel, perfect as a wedding venue. (unless you want to invite 200 people). The night sky is breathtaking as there’s almost no artificial light. So if you’d like to get married in the middle of nowhere and make your wedding guests get away for the weekend (which is always a great idea), I can def. recommend Trossachs in McGregor.

Wedding @ Trossachs

Wedding @ Trossachs

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