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Yesterday evening I was invited to take part in an experience, organised by Coffeebean Routes in Cape Town. Coffeebean Routes proudly organises unique experiences, such as a Reggae tour or Story-telling tour in order for tourists to meet and interact with interesting characters in Cape Town and the suburbs.

Our guide Jacques first brought us to Alan and Jason, 2 rasta farians with a difference, if I may say so. Alan showed us his 6 level city garden with more than 200 indigenous plants and flowers. He told us how they have great parties in this garden with life music and delicious food prepared by Jason who is a very experienced chef. You can’t tell because he’s way too skinny, but once we had tasted his Madeira Cake we were convinced he makes all kinds of delicacies. According to Alan he never prepares the same dish so enjoy it because you might never get to taste it again. We could just imagine the garden full of candle light, people relaxing and looking over the beautiful city of Cape Town. Really an experience for tourists that would love to do something completely different and local. During the house parties, there will always be Capetonians joining from all walks of life and all areas of Cape Town.

After Alan and Jason in Higgovale we moved to Bridgetown were we met Mac McKenzie, a jazz musician. We were welcomed into his house and enjoyed a lovely Snoek (typical SA fish meal) dinner. Mac has strong bonds with Switzerland and Nici (who was with us) is Swiss so the 2 of them exchanged all kinds of stories in Swiss-German. Mac was almost estathic to meet someone from Switzerland. He also explained how concerts will more and more move into the suburbs of Cape Town because these areas become more and more vibrant. He wants to turn his garden into a concert area every couple of months. He also played us a couple of songs on his guitar after which we unfortunately had to leave again to go and visit our next artist in Guguletu, her name was Mzipho although I’m not sure if i spell her name correctly…WHAT an inspiration!! This 21 year old teacher lives 6 lives simultaneously. WoW!! I remember myself being 21 and just worrying about myself while this lady, yes a lady, cares for and looks after the entire community. She makes a huge difference in the lives of the youth in Gugulethu. She is involved in many different project to uplift this community, such as the Gugulethu Lifestyle Festival and a Youth Empowerment Program. Really a super cool lady who then also treated us to some drumming and a beautiful song. WoW! We all left very much inspired. Thanks Coffebean Routes for a very special experience. I hope to send you many guests!

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