Mzoli´s – The PLACE to eat in Cape Town

Mazoli´s is the place to be /eat in Cape Town. Do not expect a fancy menu and or delecate service. It is something totally different. The food offered @ Mzoli´s is very simple to describe…. Meat, Meat, Meat and Meat. I would not recommend this place for vegetarians at allJ. Last weekend I went there with the Baarsma Group to introduce them to a typical South African Braai (Barbeque). The way it works @ Mzoli´s is the following:  there are 3 different areas you need to pass through before you can finally eat. First, it starts with arranging the meat. It looks like a small butchery where you can pick out any meat you would like to eat. They have everything one can ask for. The second area is the Braai room. You hand over your plate of meat to one of the employees and they will prepare it for you. And this is when the secret of Mzoli´s takes place…. It´s all about the Sauce.  Mzoli´s is so successful because the marinade they use is fantastic and nobody was able to copy it… yet. After the food is prepared the most difficult part starts….entering the third area, a tent where are tables available to eat. As Mzoli´s is such a popular place the tent is always packed and it can be quite challenge to find a table. Many people just decide to eat standing up after trying to get a table for quite some time. We were really lucky as we had our driver Chippa with us. South Africans always have many friends so he was able to make some arrangements for us that we could enjoy our food while sitting at a nice table. The Baarsma Group loved the meat as they had never tasted such a fabulous marinade before.

Another success factor of Mzoli´s is that people do not only come there because of the food but also because of the entertainment they can enjoy. There is always a DJ playing music or live entertainment will be offered. While we were waiting for our food to be ready we had the pleasure to listen to some artists performing their new albums. Their voices were just amazing and therefore the waiting time just flew by.

All in all it can be said that Mzoli´s is the place to BE if you would like to experience typical South African culture.


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