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I’m curious. I enjoy meeting people and hearing their stories. Often I learn interesting facts, meet fascinating people and have memorable experiences. Last Friday I attended a breakfast meeting of Creative Mornings for the first time and again, I was fascinated.

Upper East Side Lobby with Vida e Caffe, STUNNING venue!

Creative Mornings is a concept which has been launched in 33 cities around the world and Cape Town is the only city on the African continent. It is a monthly breakfast lecture series for creative types. Each event is free of charge, and includes a 20 minute talk, plus coffee! The get-together in Cape Town is once a month on a Friday morning at the Upper East Side Hotel on the upper reaches of Woodstock. Coffee and muffins are sponsored by Vida e Caffe (Thank you!) and other sponsors are… How awesome is this? Each month there are 80 spots and the guest list opens on Monday morning at 11. Last month the event was ‘sold out’ at 11h06. Wow!! I’m not sure if this is because of the free breakfast, the awesome venue or the inspiring speaker… I will find out next month when I hopefully will be able to get a spot again.

The speaker was Richard Griffin who talked about his journey with Madame Zingara. I LOVE the Madame Zingara Theater of Dreams and whenever the tent is in Cape Town, I make sure to ramble up some friend and get our hands on some tickets. A fantastic night out, guaranteed. Richard answer on how to make magic was: ‘We find the weirdest people in the city, put them all in 1 room and then turn up the music’. Remarkable was the 92% return rate of the staff after bankruptcy.

It was a great morning spend with likeminded people in a fantastic venue. Of course, I did a small site inspection after the event and got to see some rooms of the hotel. It was just buzzing with activity, all meeting & conference rooms were booked up. Jeez, I def. have to go back and just spend some more time there. This area of Cape Town is just happening.


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