Old Biscuit Mill Market – Woodstock, Cape Town

Oh, this is such a favourite thing to do on a Saturday morning. I don’t go often enough but when I go, I ENJOY! Last Saturday I met a friend for breakfast at the Old Biscuit Mill Market. My usual routine is to be there quite early, between 9h – 9h30 because it tends to get very very busy a bit later. First I go get my coffee at Origins Coffee stall. Hm! Yam! The best way to start the day. Then, while sipping coffee we go in search of the most delicious breakfast of the day. I ‘eyed’ already a chef cooking up a storm and selling ‘the ultimate breakfast tart’,! Still, let’s check out the other places. Ran into another Dutch friend that was helping out at a pastry stall, YAM! That would be desert. The atmosphere in this place is just fabulous. I think the Hungarian stall would have to awarded with most beautiful stand in the whole market. Bit early though to have a goulash soup. Yes, we WILL taste the ultimate breakfast tart and it IS to die for! Filo pastry, topped with caramalized onions, mushrooms, crispy bacon and a runny poached egg, surrounded by marinated cherry tomatoes. Do I need to say more?? What a party at 10h00 in the morning. Make sure who ever visits our fabulous city, not to miss out on the market in Woodstock. After brkfst there’s still some shopping to do with handmade clothes, bags, jewelry, choose and much much more. What a delight!
Delicious cakes @ the Mill

Fresh quiches @ the Mill!

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