Our stay at Old Mac Dadd in Elgin

Chlling by the pool

Chilling by the pool

From the moment I heard of this place, I wanted to take my future daughter here. Last year I joined for an industry day to do a site inspection at Old Mac Daddy in the Elgin Valley. What a fun place!

And yesterday, Rosie and I arrived here. Rosie slept like a Rose. They had put a camping cot in the living area but I found that a bit too far away from where I sleep in the trailer. We’re staying in Mills & Boon so all is very romantically decorated. During the night, I picked up Rosie and put her next to me in bed. She babbled for a bit but then went on to sleep until 8am. We just had breakfast at the lovely breakfast room with a view of the farmland. I’d prepared Rosie’s meal myself (banana, mango and yoghurt) because I wasn’t sure what they would have and I don’t want to give her any sweetened stuff.

Old Mac Daddy Farm is cool to come with a baby that doesn’t crawl or walk yet but once they start crawling or walking I would be a bit nervous. I guess, one would have to ask for one of the trailers that are situated a bit lower. Ours is quite high up and the boardwalk is not fenced so your kids need to be big enough to be safe.  There are a few trailers situated next to the dam so I guess that would be more convenient. For now, I’m exercising, walking up and down from the restaurant and pool area to our trailer (Rosie = 9 kg).

I LOVE the fact that I’m sitting on my deck, in the morning shade, writing away with the most awesome view.

The restaurant offers breakfast, lunch and dinner so you don’t really need to leave the resort in case you don’t feel like it. We might go on a little road trip to explore the area but it might get too hot later. The forecast is about 35 degrees. Nice thing is that the night was really cool, almost cold. When I picked up Rosie, her little arms were way too cold.

My 10 tips for when you’re staying at Old Mac Daddy as a single parent with a kid:

  1. Bring breakfast for your child because breakfast only starts at 8am. They were very accommodating in giving me a plate and bowl for the room. There’s mini bar fridge so you can stock it with your baby food.
  2. Be specific about the location of the trailer when you make a booking.
  3. Bring a play mat or blanket
  4. Don’t bother about bringing a pram, you can’t use it here
  5. Bring books for yourself, there’s no TV or other entertainment (which is GREAT)
  6. Order a bottle of wine and take a glass or 2 each meal instead of ordering by the glass
  7. Bring Baby Bjorn or any other carrier you’re using
  8. Take loads of pictures of your baby enjoying the fresh air, friendly staff and happy surroundings
  9. It’s a working farm so it’s not necessarily a quiet place. This morning we had tractors coming past, helicopters flying over and now there’s a truck delivering something and it’s only 10am (bit of a challenge to have Rosie take her morning sleep..)
  10. Bring 2 pin adapters. I managed to get one from reception but they don’t have them in the rooms so you can’t charge anything.

Loved our 2 days chilling!!

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