Paternoster, the white fishing village on the West Coast, South Africa

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It was hard to believe but it was already almost 2 months ago that we last went away to Wilderness. We try to go away once every 2 months at least. Within 2 hrs from Cape Town there’s so much to explore. You never need to be bored. We live in this beautiful country so that we can enjoy it and it doesn’t make sense to stay at home all the time. So whenever we can, we’re OUT there enjoying, experiencing and discovering.

I’d already been to Paternoster on a day visit for the Crayfish Festival. But I never had stayed overnight in the quaint little fishing village.

At 2pm on Friday afternoon, we took off, excited to leave our beloved city behind onto the R27 in northern direction. Paternoster is situated on the West Coast, about 2 hours from Cape Town. Normally we would do all our shopping at the Bay Shopping Centre just before leaving the city BUT Vredenburg has a big new mall since about 2 yrs we heard with a Woolworths Food. So excitement galore, no time to waste, lets get to Vredenburg. Shopping done, off to the last 15 minutes and then check-in at our beautiful 4 bedroom house in Paternoster. We found this gem on, a very well run web site with loads of self-catering options as well as room-only options. Wow!! What a fabulous place my friend found. It could have been easily my dream house if it had wrap around veranda’s to top things off. The master bedroom with a massive bathroom was upstairs. It had a balcony with sea view so we immediately decided this was going to be our hang-out spot, opened a bottle of red and enjoyed the sun set. Ah!! Unbelievable! 3 hrs ago we were still all at work.

We go on these w-ends to basically do… as little as possible.. We cook, light a fire, enjoy some wine and girl talk and enjoy Club Duvet a LOT.

On Saturday we were blessed with the most awesome winter weather. After going for a long beach walk we enjoyed breakfast and a nap on the terrace. I always feel I need to do SOMETHING so I took my camera and walked around the village to take some nice pictures of the houses. I found a cute Art Studio, I saw where ‘Oep ve Koep’ was situated and checked-out the Paternoster Hotel. I’d heard quite a lot about ‘Oep ve Koep’ and it was on my list of things to do, either breakfast or lunch. The Paternoster Hotel would be our venue of choice for the rugby a bit later that afternoon. Although it was a great match, the Springboks were doing fantastic against England, we decided to watch the 2nd half in the comfort of our couch. Are you bored with us already?? We love it! We just couldn’t be bothered sitting in a bar with dodgy locals, smoking like a chimney. Sunday morning we had breakfast at ‘Oep ve Koep’. I do think the lunch menu looked a lot more interesting than the breakfast menu but it was Father’s Day so all booked up with families. Some other time perhaps…. For now I had the ‘Bokkom Tapenade on Toast with Poached Eggs and Roasted tomatoes’. Yummie stuff! After such a hearty breakfast we were too lazy to walk so just went back to our home and relaxed a bit more. After lunch it was time again to head back to the city. Perfect weekend away!

Our Living Room!

Sunset on the balcony

The Beach

Lunch menu at ‘Oep ve Koep’

Bokkom Tapenade & Poached Eggs on Toast, Oep ve Koep

Art Gallery

White washed house

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