Photo blog of wildflowers in South Africa, Cape Town

August and September are the months to come and watch the wild flowers in South Africa and particularly the Western  and Northern Cape. We visited the West Coast National park last week on a gorgeous winter day and took these colorful pictures for you. The West Coast National Park is situated just 1 hour north of Cape Town. The Postberg Reserve inside the park is only open in August and September.

This year we had a lot of rain as well as sunshine which is the perfect combination of having a wonderful display of wild flowers. In another post we will let you know the different reserves and areas to visit.

Flower display at the entrance of the West Coast National park


Purple display of wild flowers


Inside the Postberg Flower Reserve


Lovely purple, perfect little flowers!


Some Dutch Wild Flowers…


Making way for a beautiful Tortoise


We spotted some Bontebok grazing away..


Hiking Trails are offered in the Reserve

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