Restaurant La Mouette, Sea Point

What a treat it was! Yesterday I went to La Mouette for lunch. Finally!! The place looks beautiful, the service was friendly and the food was delish. I should have only just ordered a starter but I couldn’t really help myself and had to order main course and desert too. Starter was still the best: Crayfish Linguine in a lovely pink sauce with a hint of chillies. Perfectly done! Oh, before I forget,  the bread served is SUPER delicious so don’t over eat on that (I think that’s what I might have done). For main course I had the Thail Beef Salad with noodles. I really liked the tiny noodles and the light sauce it was in. The beef was slightly battered and just a bit too much for me. Desert was called Capuccino!! I wasn’t adventurous enough to order the Gin & Tonic Desert but it sounded very interesting. I’m a sweet tooth, what can I say? I also really liked the fact that the waiter simply offered us tap water and not necessarily still or sparkling. South Africa has one of the best drinking waters in the world so add a bit of lemon and ice and it’s perfect. No need for wasting more plastic bottles.

All in all, lovely experience and would love to go back for dinner and sample the 6 course tasting menu with matching wines. Ciao for now!

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