Safari @ Inverdoorn Private Game Reserve – Ceres

To escape from the busy city life we decided to take a day off and join a safari @ Inverdoorn Game resort, only 2.30 hours drive from Cape Town. Getting there at 10 o´clock is just enough time to enjoy a nice cup of coffee or tea until the safari starts. Before we actually went on the open safari jeep we had the pleasure to meet Günter from Berlin. His open and funny character, also called in German “Berliner Schnauze” just spiced up our day. The safari takes about 2 1/2 hours and you get to see variety of typical South African animals such as giraffes, buffalos, lions, cheetahs etc… You will be accompanied by a friendly guide who entertains you with all the information necessary and of course answers all the questions you might have. During such a safari you can learn a lot. The most outstanding fact I learned during the tour was that springboks can hold off giving birth up to 30 days if the rainy season hasn’t arrived yet. If the rain does not show up at all they can abort their babies anytime they want to. Isn´t nature fascinating

To round of the very impressive morning a delicious lunch will be served. If you still have some time left it is possible to spend the day at the lodge using all the amenities offered also including the pool area.

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