Salt @ the Ambassador Hotel, bit of a sour experience..

Last week Saturday, 1 of those incredibly beautiful days that we seemed to be spoiled with this Cape Winter, we ended up having a late lunch at Salt at the Ambassador Hotel in Bantry Bay, Cape Town. I’ve had lunch here before and it was absolutely divine. This time we had a weird experience which actually means it was quite bad. First of all, the menu seemed very much overpriced with for example a French Onion soup for ZAR 75! Onion Soup!! And a Roast Butternut Mash for ZAR 95. I mean, REALLY! So now I have to think: What can I choose to still feel like I had good value for money? It certainly wasn’t going to be the Onion Soup! So I ask the waitress what the Line Fish is. Oh, she said, I don’t know, and walked away. Excuse me?? A bit later the waiter came and told me the name of the fish (which I have forgotten, ‘cos I never heard of it before, sorry) so I asked what’s the fish like. He had no clue. O-k! Anyway, I don’t mind too much and just order the fish, assuming Salt is a good restaurant (soup for ZAR 75!!) so I’m sure the fish will be fresh and I enjoy ordering things I don’t know. Now my partner orders first and to my surprise he orders an item which is not on my menu. How’s that possible? Oh, ya I’m sorry the waiter says, we gave you 2 different menus!! So now I’m obviously curious and look at the other menu. I see that the fish comes with either Risotto or Linguini. On my menu the Risotto is the only option. I like Linguini so I order the fish with the Linguini. We waited 45 (!) minutes to get our order and when it came, my fish came with, you guess what, Risotto. Obviously way to hungry to send the dish back I enjoyed my Risotto but the whole experience was just so weird and so unprofessional. To top it all off, the credit card machine got a fit and gave an error message and the manager had to come to sort it all out because my partner did get a message that the amount was deducted. Another 20 minutes to sort this out.
I guess it was just a very unfortunate Saturday afternoon. I still think the venue has the most awesome views, the restaurant is beautiful and there was nothing wrong with the food but please guys, your staff needs SERIOUS training!

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