South African mornings, THE BEST!!

People always ask me why I go to bed before 12, well, there’s a simple reason: I want to be up by 6am! Why??? To enjoy the African sunrise of course! It’s my favorite time of the day. One of the best things to do in Cape Town is to go for a walk on the promenade and see how the moon disappears over Table Bay and the sun slowly rises. It is awesome. Smell the salt of the ocean, do you morning exercise in one of the most beautiful places in the world. The promenade also has the public swimming pool, which must be one of the most beautiful public pools in the world! Right next the the ocean. Really stunning. So, i’m happy to be back in Green point and start the morning ritual of walking on the promenade. Top it off with a delicious capuccino at Giovanni’s and there you have the best way to start your day!

See you all there.

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