Spa at the 12 Apostles Hotel

Cape Town is great in winter for there are fantastic winter specials all over the show. Yesterday I decided I was toooo stressed and needed a massage, DESPERATELY! So I booked myself into the Sanctuary Spa at the 12Apostles Hotel. Instead of ZAR 620 you pay now ZAR 490 from Mo – Thursday. Still a lot of money but I was looking forward to also spend some time in the salt bath, rock pool, sauna and just relax and read a magazine in the relaxing area.
The set up of the spa is fantastic. It’s in a cave, underground, really cool! There’s a warm bubble rock pool and a cold one which I obviously was NOT interested in because I was cold enough already. There’s plenty of still water, biscuits, muffins and fresh fruit to enjoy while you’re relaxing. My massage was really good although I did think the treatment room was a bit cramped. After the massage I floated for some time in the salt bath. It’s really relaxing to just float. I almost fell asleep. After the float session my relaxation was basically finished because there was a very loud couple in the rock pool. If you’re planning to re-design your home and you don’t really agree with each other, surely there are better places to discuss this than in a spa where people come for peace and quiet. They were not amused when I asked them to please keep their voices down a bit. Hm, guess I’m outta here…. Will test some more Spa winter specials. The masseuse told me that I def. needed more massage because of some lactic acid or something. FINE with me. Any excuse for more massages!! Keep you posted!

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