Superette, Woodstock, Nutella French Toast!

Just a short and sweet blog about my breakfast experience last Saturday at Superette, about 500 meters down the road from the biscuit mill market in Woodstock. I felt like I was in Amsterdam again. That’s what the place looks like. All very relaxed and chilled, fresh produce and lots of artie designer details. I IMMEDIATELY spotted the Nutella French Toast on the menu and decided of course, this is what I will have for breakfast. It was served with bacon, pomegranate and normally comes with Banana Caramel. That last bit sounded a bit too sweet for me so I asked to please have it without the banana. They added a kind of sauce, should have asked, but thought it was apple sauce. It was a MASSIVE plate as you can imagine and I was sorted. What a genious idea, Nutella French Toast. Wow!!

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