Surfskiing in Fish Hoek

Last Saturday we had the most stunning weather in Cape Town and we hoped Summer now finally has begun. So I happily joined my friend Rika for a surf ski class on Fish Hoek Beach. The drive from Houtbay to Fish Hoek is a pleasure on it’s own. WoW! Do we live in a stunning country or what? Saturday was the perfect day, blue, sunny skies and almost no wind. First a bit of theory on the beach before we could have a try in the water. This was more difficult then I thought. Not even 3 seconds I could stay on the ski. Very difficult to balance this thing is. Jeez!! The water was very refreshing. It was actually my first time that I swam in the waters around Cape Town. Fish Hoek is definitely the place to go because the water here is about 5 degrees warmer than on the Atlantic side. Anyway, after struggling to stay on the ski for 20 minutes we were called to get out of the water again to get the rest of the theory. AH, NOW they’re telling us all the stuff that will be very helpful. Next Saturday I’m definitely going again and hopefully will be able to actually get through the waves and paddle a bit. If you’re interested: in Fish Hoek. Every Saturday they have classes for beginners at 11h00, where you’ll be thought the ABC of paddling. Come and join, it’s great fun and Fish Hoek is a great beach! (sorry, no pics this time, toooo embarrasing)

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  1. Rob Mousley October 21, 2008 at 11:28 am #

    Hi there – well done on getting on the water! Surfski is such an amazing sport… and you’ve chosen the best teachers around, I went through the school about 4 years ago and Daw & Nikki are still coaching me!
    If he forgot to mention it, we have plenty of news & hints & tips on
    Since you’re clearly a great writer – how about writing us a piece on your experiences with getting into the sport?
    Rob Mousley

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