The Cape Peninsula, a daytrip from Cape Town

Last Saturday it was such AWESOME weather in Cape Town so I decided it would be nice to drive around the Cape Peninsula and look at all the beautiful scenery. A friend of mine had just moved from Jo’burg to Cape Town and she had never been to Cape Point and dreamed of seeing the penguins at Boulders Beach. So this was the perfect opportunity. I picked her up around 10h30 and firstly we drove via Camps Bay to Hout Bay. This coastal stretch always blows my mind. I used to live in Hout Bay for about 4 years and drove this road almost every day. It never gets boring. It’s SO beautiful. We’re getting slowly into whale season now and then sometimes you see whales here. This time we were not that lucky. I guess it’s still a little bit early in the year although they have already been spotted in Hout Bay. In Hout Bay we went up Chapmans Peak Drive (ZAR 30 toll road) and stopped at the look out point. Again, I can’t get enough of those amazing views. It IS the most beautiful spot in the world. People who have been, will absolutely agree with me that Cape Town and surroundings is beautiful beyond measure. My friend was also flabbergasted and couldn’t stop taking pictures from all the different views. Her iPhone soon ran out of battery!

Via Noordhoek, Kommetjie and Scarborough we drove to the entrance of the Cape Point National Park (ZAR 80 entrance fee or free with a Wildcard, which I have J ). Cape of Good Hope is easily accessible. The roads are very good and we were lucky, no big busses at the famous sign. Cape of Good Hope is the most south western point of Africa and it must be one of the most photographed spots in the whole of Africa. Every single tourists that visits, will take a picture at the sign. We were lucky enough, besides the beauty of mountains and see, to also spot many Ostriches and Eland as well. Did you know that the male Ostriches are black and the female Ostriches are brown? Just outside the entrance of the Cape of Good Hope National Park, there’s an Ostrich farm that you can visit too. In case you’d missed it in Oudtshoorn or if you didn’t make it that far out of Cape Town.

At Cape Point we walked up to the light house. This is where you supposedly can see how the Indian and Atlantic Ocean get together. I say supposedly because obviously you will not see a clear separation between both. The warm Agulhas current from the Indian Ocean and the cold Benguela current of the Atlantic Ocean join somewhere between Cape Point and Cape Agulhas (which btw is Africa’s most southern point).

From Cape Point we drove to Boulders Beach to see the penguins. There are several points to see them and if you do it the touristy way, you will pay ZAR 30 entrance fee which will make sure that the penguins are well looked after so we encourage you to do this. But you can already see them as well from the car park at Boulders Beach Lodge, in case you’d like to see them the cheap way. In Summer Boulders Beach is my favorite beach. It’s SO beautiful with the big boulders. Kids love it because they can swim between the penguins (or some penguins swim between them) and it’s very protected from strong currents. It’s really a lovely spot!

By then it was about 3pm and we were getting a bit hungry so time to find a nice spot to have lunch. We drove down to Kalk Bay. Kalk Bay has a wide variety of many wonderful restaurants like The Harbour House, Polana, Olympia Café. My friend wanted to do something very local and Capetonian so I thought Kalkies would be a good idea. I had actually never been there myself so a good opportunity to try something new. I didn’t like it. I just don’t like it when everything you order is simply deep fried! I can’t believe the freshest and most stunning fish being deep fried!! It’s like killing the animal twice. We ordered ours grilled which then takes about 20 minutes longer and R5 is added to the charges. I guess there are a lot of people in South Africa that like their food deep fried because the place is packed and you have to cue for quite a long time but I won’t be rushing back there. Sorry. BUT, if you want to do something local, go for it! You have to try it. It’s one of the most famous places for Fish & Chips in South Africa! I guess we’re just fussy…(next time, Harbour House, here I come…).

From Kalk Bay we drove over Boyes Drive back to the highway M3. Boyes Drive give you incredible views of Muizenberg Beach where all the surfers wait for the perfect wave. By 6pm we were back in Cape Town. AJ, what a beautiful day out!

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