Time to travel

Everytime I have to leave Cape Town for traveling, I have all kinds of rituals that I do before leaving this magic place. It feels like I’m homesick even before having left. Oh, I MUST have that last glass of Chardonnay with that special friend and oh yes, I must have a last look at my favourite mountain, Lion’s head. And then of course I can’t leave without a last look at the beautiful beach of Hout Bay and oh dear, forgot to phone that friend and that one. And then there’s always the saddest thing: I have to bring my dog LEE to the kennels. As much as they love him there, ofcourse it’s nothing like home. But I just tell him that’s a holiday for him too. That he doesn’t need to look after me, that he can just relax and eat. Who am I kidding? He’s probably bored to death because he’s always out and about exploring, just like his mum I guess and that’s why we’re a good team. LEE def. is the coolest dog on the planet!! And when coming back from the kennels, only then I take my suitcase out of the cupboard, to cause as little stress as possible to LEE.
So this afternoon I packed all my prezzies for family and friends and tomorrow at 7am Wouter will pick me up. Still another day to enjoy in Jo’burg with Julia. Yay! Hopefully some nice shopping… And then?? Of to Amsterdam! Oh, how I love Amsterdam!! I guess I have best of both worlds. No complaints here.

the office

Lee, the coolest dog on the planet!

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