Winter Tasting Menu, La Mouette

Lots of people complain about the horrible winters in Cape Town. My experience is that the Cape Winters are much better than the Euro Summers so you won’t hear that complaint from me. But 1 thing EVERYBODY likes about Cape Town is the amazing Winter specials the restaurants offer to draw guests to their establishments. Winter is the season of sleep, hibernation, couch potatoes and hiding from the world for a lot of Capetonians but the restaurants have managed to break that pattern and get us out of our comfort zones. If you have an eatery with a fire and you offer great winter specials, you can almost be sure that guests will fight over your tables in winter. How fabulous!

Last Tuesday I had the privilege to enjoy such a special treat. The InterNations team went to La Mouette in Seapoint where we indulged in a 6 course Tasting Menu for R 165 (yes, that’s only € 16). For another R 165 you could pair it with wine but we really felt like just drinking red wine, lots of red wine so we skipped the wine pairing and ordered a beautiful bottle of red, and then another (think it was a Graham Beck Cab 2008 but I’m not sure anymore… maybe we had a 3rd bottle).

La Mouette is a lovely place with different areas and fireplaces in historical home in Regent Road which once belonged to the mayor of Cape Town.

Of course I had requested to sit right next to the fire place. I’d been ill over the weekend, been living on soup and tea so I couldn’t wait to get all these delicious dishes in front of me. The bread they brought us was already fantastic and I just knew we were in for a treat. (sorry forgot to takes pics of the Salt & Pepper Hake Amuse and the breads, was toooo busy eating it all…)

See pictures for all the dishes..

Artichoke and potato soup Bearnaise relish, mushroom brioche

Pan-fried line fish shellfish foam, fricassee of gnocchi, ginger, baby gem

Beef Sirloin, mash, smoked onion puree, mushroom crumble, red wine ‘caviar’

‘Fried egg’ and coconut doughnuts passion fruit curd, lime leaf cream

Carrot cake, walnut ice cream, carrot puree, cream cheese frosting, coriander cress

Dalewood brie, tomato chutney and bread crisps

I was a bit worried about the guys…. The portions were very tiny which is good for starters but at some point I’d expected a real main course, like a 150 – 180 gr Beef Sirloin. No also the beef was small. I didn’t really mind. I loved the taste of everything and the presentation was extraordinary. I was sure not to overeat because I definitely would have if the portions would have been bigger. But for the guys… I can imagine that they were maybe still a bit hungry when we left.

Chris Ulmenstein from Whalecottage compiles each year the list of the winter specials. She updates them regularly so make sure to check out her blog for the complete list which is about 10 pages!


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